Designed for Individuals

We don’t believe that you need to map every step or make elaborate goals. But if you don’t have an idea of which direction you want to head, you will land up where the wind blows. The Self-Leadership Catalyst Program, or SLCP is designed to make you think, to question your methods and to build a directional plan with experts who will guide you on this journey. Over 800 people have benefitted from the SLCP program versions. The program is best suited for individuals who are at a career inflection point or founders who are looking for expert insights on their business vision & plan.

In the DISCOVERY step, we share our proprietary questionnaire with you. The questionnaire is designed to delve deeper into your leadership style, aspirations and career progression challenges. This step will ensure that we have relevant information to proceed to our next step of SYNTHESIS.

Step 1

Step 2 

Once you share your responses from the DISCOVERY questionnaire, we will process the information and schedule an Audio/Video call (90-min) for our SYNTHESIS step. This interaction is designed to build a directional roadmap for your professional success by leveraging your personal leadership style. This session is not for the faint at heart but if you keep an open mind, you will achieve significant breakthroughs.

Step 3 

In the concluding stage CATALYST, we aim to arrive at the core self-leadership parameters to be worked upon to ensure that your vision and the supporting execution plan are aligned. From the findings of the Discovery and Synthesis step, you will prepare a customized Catalyst Action Plan outlining the next actionable steps for your career. This Catalyst Action Plan will act as a reminder on your journey.

"Working with Delna has changed my entire outlook, plan and direction my business was going in. She helped us look at the bigger picture, structure the organisation and take larger steps that I’ve always doubted. From brand strategy, to number crunching and even finer details Delna has been my go-to and helped me tremendously. After each session we were excited to implement her feedback and advice and saw immediately results. Candid chats, Change, Research, Inputs and and large decisions, She has been a fabulous consultant for both my brands."

Shaan Khanna

Founder - Spicy Sangria & NetworkingNow