• Delna Avari

Signs that you're on the Right Track with your Business

So what are the signs that you’re on the right path with your business?

The first: You define your end state, you define your matrix and more or less you’re clocking in that direction. You’re seeing your movement in the direction you define.

Step two: Most importantly you actually have paying customers and you can see your path to profit, whenever it is, I’m not saying right away, but you can see it and you’re moving in that direction.

The third: you actually have repeat business and you have positive feedback in your ecosystem. Not your own press. Do not believe your own press. Don’t believe the stuff that you are putting out, but your customers are actually happy and your customer is either coming back for business and if your business is not the kind which has a high repeat cycle, then it is actually giving you positive testimonials. Then you know you're on the right track.

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