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Schbang In It | Part 1: Accelerating Sales and Business for Corporate India

The Schbang In It Podcast is back with a brand new season and a brand new episode with Delna Avari, Leading Consultant, Founder at Business-360° and former Head of Marketing Communications and Services at Tata Motors, in conversation with Harshil Karia, Founder at Schbang.

In this episode, you will get to learn about sales and business from someone with a rich experience in the field.

00:00:00 - Introduction

00:02:04 - What you need to do to get to the top in your Sales career

00:07:26 - Executing a Land and Expand Sales Strategy for Your Business

00:10:26 - Creating Systems to Solve Sales Problems

00:18:16 - Buying Market Share as a Large Company

00:23:56 - The New Product Development Cycle

00:27:58 - Supply Chain 101

Delna's LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/delnaavari/

Harshil's Instagram - https://instagram.com/harshiljkaria?u...

Harshil's LinkedIn: https://in.linkedin.com/in/harshilk

Company Founded By Harshil Karia, Akshay Gurnani, Sohil Karia

Video Team: Rushabh Javeri, Stanley Mamootil, Philip Kannamkulam

Equipment Accord Design Team: Sanyogita Nikam

Content Team: Pranav Krishnan, Tanya Chhabra

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