• Delna Avari

How to Define your Brand Voice

So how do you build your brand voice?

Step one: Authenticity- You must be clear what you stand for and how you present yourself must be exactly equal to what you are. Any lack of authenticity is always captured when a brand is represented.

The second step, quite clearly, is about defining your space and then building authority in that space. You have to define your space clearly. It can’t be too niche but it can’t be too broad as well, unless you have the kind of financial backing to build it in that space. So define your space and then build in that space; build authority in that space.

And the third step, which actually is really the starting point of it all, is your customer. What you have to offer, your customer has to be willing to pay for it. It's very, very important that what you stand for and what the customer needs, there is a very good value system match. If that isn’t there, you won't see the magic happen and when it's there it's amazing. Frankly, remember to give your customer enough rational and emotional reasons to believe you, and to buy, because that's the most important thing.

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