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How Naturals Ice cream stood out from the crowd

Summer or winter, everyone loves a nice cold scoop of ice cream. The creamy sweetness that can lift anyone’s mood. A brand that keeps it natural with their flavours, started off by Raghunandan Srinivas Kamath, with his knowledge of fruits stemming from his father being a fruit vendor, his ingenious idea of fusing real pieces of fruit with with the ice cream led him to opening his first shop with only 10 flavours and 4 employees in Juhu, Mumbai, India in 1984. The startup was met with positive responses and hence, started to expand itself in various places in the suburbs of Mumbai.

Naturals has marketed itself as a trustworthy, all natural ice cream brand. With seasonal treats like Mango and Strawberry as well as fruit combs like their Dry Fruit combo as well as a “may your own combo” available for their customers, and new ice cream that comes in from the factory after being hand peeled, and churned every morning helps them keep all their products fresh. Its promise of providing creamy, all natural ice cream helps it appeal to its target audience from the ages of 3 to even people of an older age. Along with this, its variations from sugar to honey that is available in all flavours contributes in making it more appealing to the health conscious demographic.

Naturals’ main mode of marketing is through flyers and word of mouth as well as occasionally advertisements in the print format. Their presence on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have helped them keep up with trends and remind the market of new offers to keep them relevant.

The company that started 36 years ago with only two shops in Suburban Mumbai, has over the years grown with determination and creativity, to now more than 100 shops in West and South India with plans to expand to more cities throughout the country, as well as adding more than 60 new flavours including seasonal fruit options. Today, worth more than Rs. 100 crores it still hopes to slowly keep evolving.

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