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Apple's biggest product failure -The Newton Message Pad

This time in history, Newton nearly tanked Apple. Way before the first iPhone was launched, during the time Steve Jobs had to say goodbye to his own company, Apple launched the Newton Message Pad, the new “Personal Digital Assistant'' according to then CEO John Sculley. This device allowed the user to save contacts, manage calendars, take notes, but what was unique about this was its handwriting recognition feature.

Launched in 1993, the PDA was an epic flop, for a variety of reasons, like how expensive it was taking into consideration when it was launched, faulty technology like slow data transfer and the most embarrassing error was its USP- the handwriting recognition - which did not work. Of course one of the most influential reasons for the product fail was Steve Jobs openly criticising the model.

At the end of the day what sank Newton was not only failure to deliver on its USP but also the fact that it was way ahead of its time.

To read more about the Newton and its epic failure:

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