• Delna Avari

3 Things to Look for In People when you are growing your team

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

So what are some of the quick things to look for when you are growing your team?

The first, value system match. What is the value system of your organisation? What’s the culture of your organisation? Hire accurately. Its very important, people don’t realise. Do you want an aggressive person? Do you want a hustler? How important is integrity to you? How do you define integrity? Are you a "live and let live"? Let the person do, once you’ve defined. What is your style and what are you hiring for?

The second, is the ability to scale as you grow your business. This is very important. People don’t realise that you should not be hiring clones of you. You should be hiring for broad and complimentary skills. Skills that will grow, as your organisation grows.

And the third is understanding of the job responsibilities and KRAs right up front. Be very, very clear about accountability on day 1; but most of the time, it starts with you. If you don’t define it correctly, don’t blame the employee when they’re a little lost when they join you.

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