• Delna Avari

3 Must-Reads for Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

The other day I got asked “what are the 3 must-reads for an entrepreneur?” and I thought to myself ‘oh I wish there were only 3 reads that you actually had to complete to be a really good entrepreneur’.

The fact of the matter is that it's a lifelong learning; it's a continuous learning; so my advice to you is to think of 3 areas in which you must be reading.

The first is actually the principles of business. You are designing a business, so there are certain things that you are really good at already; you might be very good with your product, you might be good with growth metrics, finance, with marketing; so you have to read about the areas in which you are not strong on business itself - how to actually run a business, so that's the first area.

The second area quite obviously is your industry itself. You have to be on top of your industry. You have to be on top of what’s happening in your company itself, your competitors, but also likely competitors. What are the other industries from which you could get affected or have certain changes that affect your industry. In this set I will also add things like future trends, future trends that are happening overall, it need not be your industry specific, but could have a bearing on you. Things like follow Futureloop or Trend Talk. Things like that that could actually have an impact on you.

And the third area I actually encourage you to read in, is something that has absolutely nothing to do with your business, your industry. This is where you start developing new dots. We always talk of connecting the dots right? So you have to give you brain enough stimulus to look at things which are nothing to do with your industry, nothing to do with your business. These could be hobbies, this could be fun things for instance I love to watch Ancient Aliens on History channel. What has that really got to do with anything I do for a living, right? But it encourages you to open your mind to pick up new things.

So I’m sorry, there aren't just 3 books that you've got to read, it's a lot more than that and the beauty today is that, you know human beings take in data differently, absorb learning differently, some people like to read, some people like to watch, some people like to listen. Fortunately today you have good options in all 3. So understand what works for you and then keep learning.

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