Designed for Small & Medium Enterprises

The Business Catalyst Program not only helps you to validate your vision with industry experts who have advised and worked with 200+ start-ups  but also provides Industry Insights and concrete next steps for operational and strategic excellence. Our 3-step proprietary approach will ensure you get a proven approach to support your vision. The Business Catalyst Program has provided a platform to many start-ups, entrepreneurs and small/medium businesses who were looking for more personalized and customized solutions necessary to take their businesses to the next level.

In the DISCOVERY step, we share our proprietary questionnaire with you. The questionnaire aims to seek information on the nature of your business, operations and other details relevant to the scope of work. This step will ensure that we have relevant information to proceed to our next step of SYNTHESIS.

Step 1

Step 2 

Once you share your responses from the DISCOVERY questionnaire, we will process the information and schedule an Audio/Video call (90-min) for our SYNTHESIS step. In this stage, we will deep dive into the details of the business along with you to identify possible paths to growth and conclude on the action items and support areas. This session is specifically aimed at identifying bottlenecks and execution areas for growth.

Step 3 

In the concluding stage CATALYST, we aim to arrive at the core business parameters to be worked upon to ensure that your vision and the supporting execution plan are aligned. From the findings of Discovery and Synthesis step, we prepare a customized Catalyst Action Plan outlining the next actionable steps for the business. This Catalyst Action Plan will not only act as a reference point for your future planning but will also provide key takeaways on critical parameters essential for the business.

"BCP steps are well planned once you open your mind with the team.  To my surprise I got so much more clarity on my mistakes & action plan ahead. It was precise about identifying the loop holes in my process & looking for opportunities at the correct place. They made sure it’s not about finger holding someone but making them self-dependent which made me more confident about my ideas. I would like to thank you and your team for coming up with such a great program to guide a new league of entrepreneurs."

Shweta Shah
Founder - Shades By Shweta