Business-360° reflects our founder Delna Avari's philosophy of building sustainable profitable growth businesses with people at the heart of decision making. We partner with entrepreneurs like you who need to validate their vision, create a directional plan, or scale up their enterprise. We do this through our custom-built programs which are designed to hand-hold your entrepreneurial journey. You can expect services such as expert guidance, curated content, proprietary tools, customised programs, action plans for execution and more!


Our business services are built around a rich experience of working with companies ranging from a start-up idea to listed enterprises. Our insights are leveraged from collaborating with companies at various stages of business intervention and are uniquely designed to deliver customised business roadmaps. For younger enterprises in search of accelerated growth and process de-bottlenecking, we help them with business strategies and capability building in domains of business growth & scaling, sales acceleration, brand & marketing strategy, and business plan development.


Our programs at Business-360° have been designed and conceptualized as a result of extensive experience in successfully supporting the needs of younger enterprises. These programs have been curated primarily for Founders, first-time CXOs, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. ​


3-Step Program for Individuals

The SLCP is a transformational journey for individuals who want to understand their self-leadership journey. We believe that it is imperative to have a roadmap to align where you aim to be. The program is designed to make you think, question your methods, and build a directional plan to guide you on this journey. The program is best suited for individuals who are at a career inflection point, or founders who are looking for expert insights on their business vision & plan.


3-Step Program for Small Businesses

Curated for individual businesses to meet their specific challenges the Business Catalyst Program, or BCP is ideal for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small/medium businesses who were looking for more personalised and customised solutions necessary to take their businesses to the next level. The program not only helps you to validate your vision but also provides industry insights and concrete next steps for operational and strategic excellence.


4 to 7 Week Custom Program

The Bootcamp is a customised program for businesses to help and support ambitious founders and executives who are looking to develop a comprehensive understanding of critical business parameters to take their business to the next level. The industry-focused program provides a crash course in business, designed to bring a combination of knowledge & practice while transforming your vision into a successful company, providing know-how and formats that you can replicate in the real-time business environment. 



- Business Model Evaluation

- Design the Business for Growth

- Scalable Systems around Strategy, Team & Operations

- Customer Lifetime Value Approach

- Hiring Right for Team Efficiency 

- Building Product / Service Roadmap

- Financial Planning & Growth Metrics

- Organisation Culture


- Sales Pipeline & Funnel Management

- Sales Metrics & Conversion Ratios

- Sales Force Planning & Management

- Drivers & Enablers for Sales Acceleration

- Distribution Channel Design & Management

- B2B, B2C, KAM Sales Framework

- Team & Channel Effectiveness

- Pricing Decisions 


- Brand Strategy

- Brand Guidelines & Roadmap

- Customer Insights & Target Audience

- Customer Acquisition & Retention

- Marketing Model-Mix Identification

- Marketing Plan Development

- Marketing Metrics for ROI

- Marketing Analytics & Effectiveness

I had the opportunity to work with Delna for the webinar series Accelerating Her Entrepreneurial Journey hosted by the US Consulate Mumbai. A few things that stayed back with me were Delna's calm demeanor, professionalism, and a down to earth attitude. A known name in the world of business strategy and management, Delna's expertise is to look at the big picture and the micro deliverables with equal ease. As part of the webinar series, Delna offered her expert advice to four hand-picked mentees on various business facets from scaling to business growth to business transformation to product development to branding to leadership roles and work-life-balance. An inspiring role model for youngsters, Delna is passionate and committed to skill development of women entrepreneurs and supports initiatives for and led by women. 

Tejaswini Karalkar

Cultural Affairs Specialist at the US Consulate General, Mumbai